Harley&Co designed a new digital platform for Americares, geared towards significantly increasing community engagement and donations.

We were challenged to create a responsive platform that educated users about Americares, while serving as a hub for donations. This was achieved in part through a series of new features such as crisis alerts that created a way to immediately inform people about the most pressing issues.

We also wanted to create a digital destination that expresses the rich stories that underpin Americares’ work, as well as clearly describes the many different facets of the service they provide both at home and abroad.

We designed “impact cards” to provide quick summaries.  These cards present an interactive overview of each project, giving the audience a quick way to chose when and where to engage.  

We built an array of modules to tell rich stories.  Flexible and multimedia friendly, these modules can be used cross site to support storytelling and deepen engagement.

When crisis hits, communication is essential.  We developed an alert system for the site so Americares can quickly and clearly communicate where there is the greatest need.  This means more donations for an even bigger impact.