The first immersive experience specifically designed to engage communities, change perceptions and connect men to care.

An original script was written based on input from community captains who had conversations with over 100 men from Jackson and Baltimore -- two of the cities hardest hit by the epidemic.

The set was designed to place the audience within the scenes in provocative ways. At times they sat among the actors and at others they looked in on them. The costume design was inspired by research within the community and reflected a variety of different identities.

We designed a unique monochromatic lighting approach that conveyed the intensity of emotion and provided a slightly abstract background to contrast with the hyper realism of the format.

More than half the actors were cast from Jackson, MS and Baltimore MD -- the two cities where the play was performed.  For many of the actors it was their first time performing, and for all of them it was the first time portraying their own community and stories on stage.  

The set had a modular design that enabled quick set up and breakdown so that that show was able to efficiently travel from city to city.

Each audience member completed pre and post evaluations to test the impact of the play on perception and behavior. Attending the performance resulted in a measurable change in attitudes towards this population of men and an increased willingness to take actions to support them.