Designed to showcase some of the world's best when it comes to art. With the goal of engaging, inspiring and selling.

The exhibition template provides an immersive look at what's on display. With the goal of making the digital experience (almost) as good as the real thing.

An expandable timeline for each artist, capturing all the critical milestones in their career. The history and the art combined.

Personalized notifications and previews for fairs around the world.

An art gallery first, the ability to inquire about specific works and digitally connect to the gallery sales team. E-commerce with sophistication and style.

A rich, enhanced search that has a distinctive display for each type of content artifact on the site.

Based on the user analytics, we created the perfect search for art afictionados and sales team on the go. Each artist name would populate a cohesive search result organized per category such as artworks, exhibitions and publications available.

A new multi-dimensional way to display books.