Two years ago we created a unique, exclusive property for Red Bull to engage with and support the best emerging creatives around the country. Each year the location, program and guest list is completely unique. Curated around a theme that is deeply contextual to time and place.

Guest speakers and artists who were deeply connected to the theme performed each day including Aja Monet, Dave Archambault and blues/soul masters Fantastic Negrito and Charles Bradley.

The Frontiers' pirate radio station, helmed by alum DJ Dave Mata, broadcast around the property and to old radios placed in everyone's "hotel" room. The programming was an exploration of the Delta Blues and its vast influence. After performing, musical collaborators joined us on air from the "radio shack."

The meals and drinks were created through partnerships with award-winning local chefs and beverage directors. The location for each meal was specifically picked to inspire and provoke interesting conversations/collaborations.