It all starts with an idea, a bold theory for how to make your business stronger, smarter and increase its impact.


There is nothing more powerful than a well developed and flawlessly executed idea.

Harley & Co works with a wide range of organizations at the senior leadership level to help them design new ways to innovate and increase the power of their brand, create more revenue opportunities and develop stronger organizational cultures. These engagements run the gamut from creating new content, to producing sub brands, to facilitating dinner parties based on neuroscience principles. The goal of all these engagements is to help companies create smarter, stronger systems, products and processes.


The creative should be distinct - with the mark of an artist, not a trend.

In a time of increasing ubiquity when it comes to the platform, medium and technology -- there is still one bold distinction: the art. The creative pieces that comprise the campaign, the branding or the content are one place where we never compromise. Harley & Co has a team of designers and artists that are able to execute flawlessly in print, digital and film/photography due to their foundational training in fine art. Each piece we create is a unique fusion of strategy, form and concept for that particular client and context.


We view technology as a capital investment that should be smart, affordable and built to last.

We work with clients to design technology solutions that meet their needs in the digital environment. This includes places where the physical and the digital meet such as 3D projection mapping. Our experience spans different channels and devices -- all built with an eye to sustainability, affordability and ease of integration into existing or emerging workflows.

Community Engagement

Make it powerful and unique -- because after all, people rarely forget what you made them feel.

Every brand, whether it's the NYC Department of Education or a new consumer beverage about to take over the shelf stable market, needs a vibrant, responsive community. Harley & Co specializes in unique community and consumer engagement techniques that use a variety of mechanisms from managing competitions to designing customized salons with curated programming. Each community engagement project is specifically tailored for the client and takes into account the brand's long term goals, viral growth, and its specific needs.